Chef Anne Marie - One-on-one Consulting
Chef Anne Marie - Personal Chef, Caterer and Cooking Instructor
coffee with your caterer

One-On-One Consulting ~
Help with menu planning, custom recipes, pantry organizing and shopping ideas.

Let’s make your life better!
Food is a part of everyone’s life.
Having organization and knowledge about basic skills can make cooking seem like less work and save you money.
Maybe you know how to cook but your food bill is breaking the bank.
You and your personal chef should meet over coffee and make a plan. Get advice on recipes, shopping and even ideas on what you may already have to cut that budget.

Learn how to cut corners while cooking. Chef Anne Marie can assess your knowledge and suggest which skills you should learn to cut costs and help make healthier meals your family will love.

Share your personal Chef with a friend! Chef Anne Marie does consulting by the hour. Yes you can split the time with a friend. Your friend may have questions you might not even have thought of. An afternoon saving money and exchanging food ideas with an expert.
Planning a party and need idea's for the menu.? Get advice from a chef that knows how to cater,  do's and don'ts as well as shopping tips.

If you have a special diet and need advice and idea's. You need Chef Anne Marie!
I bet there are things in your pantry you didn’t even know you had?
Do you find yourself getting home from the grocery store with things you already had?
How about standing in front of your full pantry and feeling like you don’t have anything to cook?
PantryMaybe you have a new pantry that needs stocking and you don’t know where to start?
Pantry service may be for you.
Cleaning, planning, stocking and organizing. helping cooking to be a snap!