Chef Anne Marie


My mission is to make it easier for people to do more cooking at home! Teaching basic techniques and using the ingredients available, making delicious dishes to save time and money for now and future generations to come.   


What else does Chef Anne Marie bring to the table

  • Previous Owner and Head Chef at the Eatery in Woodinville, WA
  • Author of cookbook Wine, Food and Friends 
  • 30+ years kitchen and catering experience
  • Licensed with health permitted kitchen
  • Founded Chef Anne Marie Cooking School
  • Worked with numerous local chefs including Chef Tom DouglasChef Kathy Casey , Chef Russell Lowell and Chef Chuck Gibbs
  • Has an incredible food memory, with stories to match. 
  • 30+ years cooking at home for her toughest critics, her husband, children, and grandchildren. 
  • Her tips and tricks are endless!